It's ok, I forgive you.
— Victim Boy, Galantis No Money (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

Victim Boy is the protagonist of Galantis No Money. He is a blue haired boy who got bullied by the bullies gang.


Galantis-Got no Money

Victim Boy is first seen walking to school. He is then assaulted by the bullies, who begin tormenting him. Later at lunch, he sits with the new student, Bacon. The bullies confront Bacon in order to get lunch money, however Victim Boy stands up for Bacon. The female bully demands her lovers to deal with him.

After school, Victim boy receives more bullying. The female bully convinces the leader to take Victim Boy’s life. Victim boy is saved, however, when Bacon arrives and throws a knife at his head. The rest of the bullies claim they were under pressure from their leader, and Victim Boy forgives them.

The grouo later become friends. At the end of the video, Victim Boy wonders where Bacon has gone.


Victim Boy's skin is tanned. He also has got medium blue styled hair. He also wears sleeveless white jacket with strings that dangle from the top. He also wears white pants and white shirt. He is never seen to wear shoes.



Victim Boy and Bacon don't have any relationship with each other, but after Bacon killed the leader of the bully by Impaling him with a Knife, he was rescued.

Bully 1

Victim Boy and the Bully seem to have poor Chemistry, He gets tormented by the male bully & his Friends. he stole his money twice.

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  • Galantis No Money (first appearance, last appearance)