The Museum is a museum that appears in BACON'S ADVENTURE which debuted in BACON'S ADVENTURE -Part 4. It specializes in showcasing various noteworthy items from THE QUEEN series.


The exterior of the building is never seen and is thus left a mystery for now. The interior consists of a large room containing nine glass displays, each one displaying an item from Red Dress Girl's reign as queen. Items include the queen's crown which has depleted it's red color, the inactive Immortality Necklace, The King's crown, a medieval torch, a mannequin's head resembling Jiggle's head, a medieval Guard's helmet, a full set of medieval armor, a skull and a dagger. the Museum's color scheme consists of a cream and yellow color scheme. The Museum also has two doors installed into the entrance and the left wall of the building.


The Museum first debuts in the second scene of BACON'S ADVENTURE -Part 4. Several police officers are seen guarding the entrances of The Museum, each oen wielding a pistol. Bacon and Noobetta enter the building, staring at the Immortality Necklace. The Museum Director soon approaches them and informs them about the history of the necklace and Red Dress Girl. He soon grabs the Immortality Necklace out of it's glass display case and is soon forcibly teleported out of The Museum.


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  • The museum is possibly inactive or either unknown due to the death of the director of this museum.