Sister Doll is a sentient doll residing in a dollhouse in the attic of an unnamed girl. She is the main protagonist in the Dollhouse (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO), alongside her brother, mother and father.


She has a petite physique and yellowish skin. She has a pastel pink dress with 4 buttons lined on each side of her, forming a square shape. The dress also includes short sleeves that reach the scapula and a collar with streaks of pastel pink and white.


Events of Dollhouse (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

She is first seen lying on her bed while the unnamed girl plays with the other dolls. When the unnamed girl leaves the attic, the dolls come to life. She stands in front of her bed, and walks downstairs to witness her mother passed out on the couch due to drinking too much alcohol. It is soon nighttime and she is seen sleeping in her bed. The next day, she opens her closet and grabs a dress for the upcoming family photo. After the family photos, the family gather in the living room, while Sister Doll notices her mothers flask of alcohol from the corner of her eye. She is soon seen sleeping again directly after the scene. The next day she browses her laptop, and soon wears another pink dress for another family photo. After the family photo, she walks downstairs and sits in the living room with her family, while she notices the unnamed girl had become a doll too. The next scene features Sister Doll browsing her laptop again, and soon wears another pink dress. She is never seen again in any of Kavra's videos after this music video.