Sir Robin (simply known as Robin) is a faithful guard of RDG


Serving the Queen

Sir Robin was a bodyguard to RDG. At some point, RDG held a ceremony to replace the commander, and two people, Poppy and Lester applied for the job. Robin introduces them. When Lester insults Poppy for being a girl, RDG infuriatedly chooses Poppy, despite Robin’s protests.

During the ceremony, Robin and Poppy pretend they are going for a walk. It is then revealed that Robin and Poppy were in a plot to murder RDG. Robin requests to shift the date, wildly angering Poppy who barks at him, and reminds him of the fact that Rdg was the one that killed the King, and blamed it on Bianca, who is the reason why Poppy ever became a guard in the first place.

Poppy and Robin then visit Blue Boy, Victim Girl and Lavender in hiding. Blueboy coldly invites them inside and leads them to Bianca. When there, Robin is present as Bianca approves of the plan of Poppy - to feed RDG poison and then remove the necklace.

Back at the feast, Poppy gives the necklace to RDG. RDG drinks it, and Poppy laughs cruelly as she commands Robin to remove the necklace. Robin sadistically reveals that he was working with RDG all along, and she knew everything. RDG congratulates Robin and mutilates Poppy.

During the Castle's Fall-Down

It is possible that Robin is one of those residents who died on the fall-down that was caused by Red Dress Girl, just because he wasn't seen in THE QUEEN - Part 8 along with Jiggle, The Priest, and many other residents and guards.


Robin is a cold, sadistic and cunning man. He provides undying loyalty to the throne.


Robin has Black Hair, tanned sling, and wears the colours of the King - Red Armour. He is relatively fit.

Appearances Episodes

  • BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 6 (only appearance; flashback)


  • Sir Robin is presumably named after Oliver Cromwell’s faithful follower during the English Cic War Who betrayed Charles.
  • Robin is one of the only characters who is revealed by his title.