SCHOOL TRAGEDY is a series made by Kavra. It originally ran from April 30th, 2017 to June 3rd the same year. Its production order has gone differently than the chronological order.


Part 1

A girl named Kendall and her father come to new school. Her father is a new principal and Kendall approaches two girls, Bethany and Megan, to make them friends. Kendall isn't skinny and so pretty to them, so they mutate her to make her look typical for them. Later in the class, Megan and Bethany order her to spoil random girl's image, she fails. She is very sad and those two ridicule her; Kendall becomes rude herself so she can keep them still after what have they done to her. The trio approaches the same girl again, and Megan and Bethany are ordered to kill her. Kendall seems hesitant about what has happened, but was surprised when she saw that girl came back to life. She came back to life under the effects of the staff that belongs to no one else than Bacon!

Part 2

Bacon attended the school as new student. It's revealed that girl he saved is called Meatball, and her friend is Chloe. Bacon generates a mirror which gave him ability to speak, and Kendall and her friends lose patience. Everyone in the class (except the trio) likes Bacon. Little what they know is that Megan and Bethany took two riffles from Kendall's father's vault to annihilate their enemies (order). At lunch, Bacon creates pizza by his staff, making Meatball happy. Kendall finally snaps and steals his staff, but since Bacon seemingly has the ability to telepathically communicate with it, staff starts teleportation process. Before process could end, Kendall ordered Meghan and Bethany to kill Bacon; however, Meatball sacrifices herself in a heroic grasp. Bacon understands that staff can not bring Meatball to life for some reason at the moment, being very mad with trio. Jay and Markus, who have witnessed the event, see the red gun spawning on the table in front of them. Kendall finds the mirror.

Part 3

Kendall, Megan and Bethany talk at lunch. Kendall seems sad about something, which those two don't understand. However, they offer money to Markus, one of the students, if he talked to Kendall. While talking, Kendall reveals her mother died after she was born, and she grew up without her. Unfortunately, Markus reveals Megan and Bethany offered him money if he talked to her. Later in the part, Markus gets killed, forcing Jay to take the red gun he wielded. Back in the vault, Kendall uses the mirror to mute her two minions. Chloe spied on them, screaming in fright when she was noticed by Kendall. Kendall then wickedly says "It's gonna be fine".

Part 4

Main article: Gonna be fine

Chloe struggles to bear the trio on her own. Kendall orders muted Megan and Bethany to snatch Chloe's weave, making her bald. In her house, she puts on a Koala cap, when Jay offers her makeup in the school. Meanwhile, Kendall and two are forced to see the principal. He denies Kendall's access to prom, but she orders Megan and Bethany to shoot her own father (the principal). Chloe comes with Jay to the prom, much to Kendall's surprise. She ordered her minions to kill them both, but Jay saved her. He shot all three of them, with Kendall being last, saying "DON'T. YOU. DARE!" Music video ends with Chloe being finally happy, and walking out of the school.


Character Status
Kendall Deceased
Kendall's Father Deceased
Megan Deceased
Bethany Deceased
Chloe Alive
Meatball Deceased
Bacon Alive
Jay Alive
Markus Deceased


  • Gonna be fine is the fourth part of the series, despite airing first.
  • Both Gonna be fine and SCHOOL TRAGEDY are first Kavra's music video/series to use R15. R6 was sometimes used. Stylish Animation Pack was used most of the time when R15 was used.
  • Gonna be fine video uses Doing it wrong song sung by Anita Blay for Some Girl(s) series. It is unknown why the music video is still named Gonna be fine.
    • However, this can be due to Kendall's phrase "It's gonna be fine." in Part 3.
  • This is the first series the police didn't appear in.
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