Ocra's Son is a character from Orphanage series, who was Ocra's son and got killed by Evan. He is also the mysterious being who was in the Tower.


Ocra's son had black brown hair, a dark hoodie with a "ROBLOX" white tag and had dark gray pants.



Ocra and her son have a close bond. This is evident due to Ocra's Son obeying and tolerating each of his mother's commands, even if it is to torment or kill someone. When his mother was threatened, he used his strength to defend her by throwing Daniel, Evan and Eliza across the room, which also clearly shows how close their relationship is.


Evan and Ocra's Son first met when Evan was dragged to the tower, threatening and chasing Evan around the tower, starting their relationship to a bad start. They met again when Ocra screamed out to Ocra's Son to save her when David and Jur was about to murder Ocra. When Ocra's Son threw Eliza across the room, Evan held Ocra up in the air with his telekinetic powers, causing Ocra's Son to throw Evan to the other side of the hallway. Evan soon smashes the large window and soon lifts Ocra's Son in the air with his telekinesis, implying he was going to soon kill him. Ocra's Son soon begs for mercy, but Evan soon flings him across the world, which soon kills him.


When Eliza had seduced Jur and Lucas with her powers, Ocra clearly had figured out the source. She soon shares the information with Ocra's Son, and tells him to stop Eliza. Ocra's Son soon assists Ocra by throwing Eliza across the room, causing them to have a bad relationship.


When Lucas was under the influence of Eliza's spell, he involuntarily ripped Ocra's hair off her head and held a knife at her neck, causing her to scream for Ocra's Son's help. Ocra's Son soon demises Lucas as he had nearly killed his mother, and he soon throws Lucas off Ocra's body. They do not have anymore interactions after this moment.

Appearances Episodes

  • ORPHANAGE -Part 3 (Death, first appearance; last appearance)