Stay away from things that aren't yours
— Noob, BULLY - Part 4

Noob is one of the characters from BULLY and THE QUEEN series. He is Red Dress Girl's husband.


Noob looks like ROBLOX's classic noob. His head and arms are colored yellow, while his torso is colored blue and legs are colored green. He is often seen wearing Bacon's clothes.


Noob was one of the new prisoners. He gave Red Dress Girl knife he had before policemen started checking him. When they were set free, Bacon approached the trio (Red Dress Girl, Noob and Blue Boy) and greeted them, but was threatened to be killed by Red Dress Girl and forced to give Noob his clothes. For the majority of series, Noob was accompanying RDG in her murder strikes. He was the one who prevented Victim Girl from escaping. Crybaby killed him during a blackout. In Part 7, Bacon arrives and puts his clothes back.

In THE QUEEN series, in Part 2, the Queen wanted to bring Noob back. In Part 3, it happened, but it brought all other victims back to life. He was captured by them. In the same part, Noob was threatened to be decapitated by Blue Boy. He was seen to be quite worried for some reason during majority of the series for unknown reason.

Noob was almost killed by Sia in Part 5. He was forced to give Bacon his clothes in Part 8, and was last one to be thrown into the Dungeons. He was also the one who removed her Immortality Necklace. In the end, they are living together, and he promises Red Dress Girl he will never leave her.


Noob is seen to be stoic and mischievous, not feeling bad about Red Dress Girl's actions. He was seen for the majority of the series with worried expression. Why did this happen is unknown.


  • To get find Noob in the roleplay arena, he was behind the TV in Red Dress Girl's house.


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