Meatball is a supporting character from SCHOOL TRAGEDY series. She is Bacon and Chloe's best friend.


Meatball wears an outfit that presents a modern, female ROBLOX newbie. She wears a light gray shirt with darker stripes under her unbuttoned, denim jacket. Its sleeves are pulled up and it supports yellow buttons and yellow pocket clips. Her jeans are rosewood pink and she has black shoes. Like Bacon, she has chestnut hair too, but instead of looking like strips of bacon, it is styled in a bun. Her hair has been spherical out of some perspective, resembling a meatball, hencing the name "Meatball".


Meatball debuts in Part 1 of SCHOOL TRAGEDY. She sat next to Chloe when Megan and Bethany led Kendall to the restroom. She confronted Kendall at the class, who tilted her head at Meatball with creepy smile. She however, didn't react, but later, Kendall ordered her minions to assassinateg the girl, under the horror of Chloe. Fortunately, she was revived by Bacon.

In Part 2, Meatball recognized Bacon and accepted his team offer. She thought he was a magician, then he pulled out his staff and generated the Speech Mirror, with Meatball thinking it was a gift. She turned the Mirror towards him, making Bacon speak.

Meatball ultimately died at lunch, after Bacon generated a pizza for her and friends. After Kendall stole the staff, Bacon used telepathy and engaged the teleportation. Megan and Bethany were ordered to shoot Bacon before the process was finished, but at that moment, Meatball jumped in to save Bacon.

The teleportation process got finished, Meatball died, but for some reason Bacon couldn't use the staff to revive her. Her death (as well as Markus') is avenged in Gonna be fine, the fourth part of SCHOOL TRAGEDY, by Jay.


Meatball is, first off, very loyal. She sacrificed herself in order to save the person she loved and cared about: Bacon. She is also grateful to people who save or do good things to her and her friends.