Look, I know we didn't spend that much time today, but I really needed the money because I'm going to buy you a beautiful ring, I'm going to marry you.
— Mason, OLIVIA - Part 5 (flashback)

Mason is a supporting character appearing in the OLIVIA series. He was mentioned in OLIVIA -Part 3 before physically appearing in a flashback prior to OLIVIA -Part 5. He is the father of Olivia Hart and the ex-boyfriend of Emily's Mother.


Mason was quite poor but still fell in love with Unnamed. The two constantly laughed though Mason had to work in order to buy a ring to propose. Upon proposing, he is rejected as she went with Ben for money. Heartbroken, he sadly lives in a town though is unaware of the fact that his ex is pregnant. Later, Ben strangled him and leaves him to die, though Mason escapes. Eventually, Olivia, his daughter comes to find her father and he is shocked though kindly says he doesn’t have a child. When the rest of the group come, he delightfully hugs his daughter and makes up with Unnamed.


Mason has Black spiky hair with a short sleeved Azure blue shirt with brown pants and black sneakers.

In His Perspective, he appears to be a somewhat Ice Fairy.