Logan is a character from the final episode of ELIZA'S INGREDIENTS. He was Eliza's first love and the final person to have their heart taken out by Eliza to finish her ingredients.


Logan found Eliza lost in a forest and took her to his house for the night. Instead, Logan and Eliza became boyfriend and girlfriend. One day Logan and Eliza were at the park and watched a couple encourage their child to go down the slide. Logan told Eliza that one day they'll have kids too, but because of Eliza's powers, she couldn't. He then told her that they will see a doctor to help Eliza control her powers. Enraged, Eliza yelled at Logan telling him that her powers is not an illness, she was born with it. She then angrily went back home. Logan then followed her back home and apologized for what he put Eliza through. Eliza then forgave Logan and told him she just needs to control her powers, Logan then mentioned that he called "them". After Eliza questions who Logan called a scientist and a police officer walked in. The scientist then greeted Eliza and told her that they will help her, Logan did the same. Feeling betrayed, she told Logan that he did this behind her back, Logan told her it was for her own good. After refusing to come with the scientist, Eliza froze time and then said goodbye to Logan. A few years later Eliza returned to Logan to collect her final ingredient, Logan's heart. But unlike the others, Eliza felt bad for him because he was her first love.




Logan has a black charmer, wears a blue t-shirt with a white line on it, white pants, and white shoes.