King is the ruler of the kingdom in THE QUEEN series. He married Red Dress Girl, but was thrown in coma by her by using the Ice Dagger. His corpse was discovered by Bianca. He eventually got killed after Red Dress Girl used the Ban Hammer.


King basically wears a golden and silver armor. On his boots and chest-plate a red emblem can be seen, while armor parts of his legs and arms are made of leather. He also wears a crown with gems, which resembles crown of Serbian dynasty Nemanjić.


Sometime before the events of THE QUEEN series, King's wife died. He was melancholic for long time until seeing a flare sent by the Guards. He found Red Dress Girl there, who agreed to be his queen. In Part 2, King married her and became the queen in same episode. At the feast before coronation, she saw Bianca "entertaining" him. He told his new queen they shall make an inheritor.

King finds the Queen when she tries to commit suicide by jumping off of the castle tower. When he sees she is mad, he becomes insane and makes her to change her will and live on. She replied she does want children, just "not with him". He is then stabbed by the Ice Dagger she used and his corpse tumbled down. It was eventually discovered by Bianca and placed into the Dungeons.

King reappears for the series finale in Part 7. Snow Queen's death reversed the Ice Dagger spell and revived him. He stumbled out of the Dungeons into the throne room hall, accidentally knocking Sia. He ordered Guards to lock Red Dress Girl into the Dungeons.

King was convinced by Bianca that the group was working with the queen. Lavender intervenes but King loses patience, ordering to lock them all. He seems temporarily reluctant when it comes to question what should be done with the prisoners, but seems happy with Bianca's decision. He also ordered Noob to be captured too.

He appears last time in the end, surprised because of the group escape. Before Guards could perform Bianca's orders, Red Dress Girl sent a powerful wave with a Ban Hammer. He is horrified with a wave approach and dies with the Guards. His corpse is deleted from existence when Bacon rebooted the map.


King is shown to care about his wives, and his will to have inheritor is definitely his will to have someone who can take care of his legacy, so it seems he cared deeply about his legacy and descent. He is seen to be stoic and reluctant at some scenes.


  • To find the King in the roleplay arena, he was in the lake in the left corner.
    • However it was removed.


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