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This page is about the character from Criminal. If you were looking for a character of the same name from the Amy series, see Jack (Amy).

Jack is a character from Criminal music video. He was Alex's love interest, but some time before the events of the MV he had startes dating the girl named Alex. The two escaped to park so as not to have their relationship interrupted, where they ended up killing two people. They were taken to prison where Eliza finds out that male Alex loves Jack. After female Alex had seen the two males in a cell, Eliza, who snuck into the prison, controlled her to kill Jack.


Jack had an obese build with tanned complexion. His hair was black and slightly slicked. He wore a dark gray shirt with white Hawaii flowers. He had light blue jeans and white sneakers. He also has a tattoo on his right arm which said "Alex".



Jack and Alex seem to have good relationship, first all her mother knock out Jack in the head, somehow Alex gave Jack a knife to become a criminal. Although Jack is Alex's boyfriend.

Alex's Mother

Jack and the mother seem to have poor relationship, because the mother don't want to let her daughter to be in love with the criminal name "Jack". Somehow the mother knock out Jack in the head, later Jack kicked the mother and pushed her in the other ground.


Jack and the other Alex seems to have stable relationship in Criminal and close relationship in Toxic. In Criminal, it seems that Alex is hiding the tree seeing that both Jack and the other Alex loved each other.

In Toxic, after Eliza turn Jack to love Alex again, Jack kisses him when the other Alex see him kissing someone.

Appearance Episodes

Music Videos

  • Criminal (MUSIC VIDEO) (first appearance; no lines)
  • Toxic (MUSIC VIDEO) (last appearance; death)


  • Jack and Alex are the second potential homosexual couple.