Granny is a minor character whose first and only appearance was in Amy (HALLOWEEN STORY). She only says 2 lines, and is thus usually forgotten by many viewers.


Granny can only be seen from the upper abdomen area, thus leaving much of he physical appearance unseen. She has light peach colored skin. She wears a long sleeved white t-shirt under a cream, red and blue striped cardigan. She wears black glasses and has brown hair that is covered in pink curlers.


It is thought that she is festive as she decorated her house with jack o' lanterns on Halloween and stocked up on candy. She is gentle and easy-going as she is scared easily by the group of bullies who scream "TRICK OR TREAT!!!". She is also thought to be mean and bitter as she threw the group's candy across the road and said "fetch..." while she slammed the door on the group.


  • Since Granny seems to hate the gang, it is possible that something happened before story events, which made her be harsh towards them.
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