Gina has been paying me to spy over everyone in class (...) I heard Henry speaking to Olivia in class telling her all about how he plotted to kill Gina. (...) No, she really hasn't. She called me a stupid girl and told me to run along. Just like you, I want her to die.
— Gina's Spy, OLIVIA - Part 5

Gina's "Spy" was a supporting character in the OLIVIA series. She was the tritagonist to Gina and was her spy in Parts 5 and 6.


Gina's spy has an obese build and tan colored skin. Like Chloe from SCHOOL TRAGEDY, she wears a teal, long sleeved, off-shoulder tank top with a purpureus bra underneath. She wears dimgray jeans and white shoes with caramel brown throatline.


Gina's spy appeared for the first time in a restroom where Gina waited her in Part 5. The latter was supposed to tell the former what is Henry and Olivia's plan. She reported that the two are friends again and that Henry is moving to Olivia's dorm. She was also curious to why had Gina wanted Olivia's hair, but she got dismissed by her.

The spy appears again near the end of the episode. She comes in the infirmary, saying that she has a proof for Henry allegedly stabbing Gina. She says that Henry plotted to kill Gina all along. She also expresses how she wants Gina to die because of her rudeness towards her.

In Part 6, she reveals that she lied knowing Gina will pay her more for helping her to successfully frame Henry. However, she refuses to, thus the Spy is threatening to make sure everyone knows the truth. Then, Gina finally gives in and promises that she will pay her. It is unknown what did her relationship with Gina go later, but she was killed by her own master in the end of the episode, presumably from Green Tea.

Appearances Episodes

  • OLIVIA -Part 5 (first appearance)
  • OLIVIA -Part 6 (death)
  • OLIVIA -Part 7 (corpse)


  • She is a second character to be unnamed after being tritagonist to someone, first being the unnamed prisoner from BULLY.
  • According to her, Gina didn't pay her to say that Henry plotted to kill Gina. Therefore, it is possible that she mistook what Henry said to Olivia.
    • This was proven false in Part 6, when she revealed she lied to the Headmaster knowing Gina will pay her double.