It happens when I’m angry... it’s not something I can control.
— Evan., ORPHANAGE Part 2.

Evan is a character from Orphanage series, who came to Ocra's Orphanage. He is the brother of Eliza and Caroline and is the protagonist of the series.


Evan has got short raven-black hair. He wears charcoal black short-sleeved shirt. His pants are dark grey jeans textured like granite, and he wears white sneakers with caramel brown throatline and lace holder. Like his sister Eliza, he wields the golden amulet with crimson gem inside of it, that gives him the telekinetic and electromagnetic powers.



Evan and Ocra seem to have poor relationship, he was seen to like the Orphanage. However, Evan fond out Ocra was evil and torture everyone.

In Part 4, Ocra was seen to have nothing to do with Evan after being turned nice by Evan's sister, Eliza.


Evan and Jur seem to have good relationship, Jur is forcing Evan to leave the room before Ocra begins torturing the orphans. Later he and Jur becomes best friends.

In Part 5, after Jur's death, Evan avenged his death by killing Lucas.


Evan and Lucas seem to have very poor relationship, after Ocra caused a riot at the Orphanage in Part 1, Lucas thought that it was Evan's fault, later, after Jur's death Evan got his revenge.


Evan and Eliza seem to have good relationship, after all, they were brother and sister and their mother gave them the necklace, bestowing the powers unto them. After Eliza and Caroline arrived to the Orphanage. Evan can be seen happy with it.


Evan's death

Evan's death scene.

Evan was killed in ORPHANAGE - Part 6. While Evan was trying to defend himself and Eliza, a police officer shot him in defense. Getting shot multiple times in the chest, Evan falls to the ground and the red aura surrounding them vanish, implying he died. Soon, he was resurrected by Eliza.

Appearances Episodes

  • ORPHANAGE - Part 1 (first appearance)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 2
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 3
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 4 (no lines)
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 5
  • ORPHANAGE - Part 6 (death)
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