Your real father, HE'S ALIVE! (...) I found a article written online, created by your father's friend we have to find your father, I know where to look for him (...) OH AND GINA, SHE'S- she.. (...) You have to find him.
— Danny's last words, OLIVIA - Part 6

Danny (Also known as "Daniel") is a supporting character featured in the Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) and the Olivia series. He is the tritagonist to Olivia and the deuteragonist to Teal.


Danny has an obese build and a peach skin tone. He has short brown hair styled into a faux hawk. He dons a smoky grey t-shirt with "THE nOISE" imprinted into the front of the shirt. The shirt also includes black, white, green and orange stripes that join a white circle with the words "UNIVERSAL KIDS" within the circle. He also wears a pair of black jeans and a pair of white sneakers.

Perspective Danny has the same build and skin tone of his normal form. He has neon blue hair spiked into a faux hawk. He wears an Adidas white t-shirt with a blue lightning zip jacket covering it. He also dons black and blue lightning and pants and a pair of white sneakers.


Events of Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

Danny appears sitting around a table with his friends, Teal and Olivia. The friends soon share the birthday cake, when Olivia suddenly has a mental breakdown.

Danny soon calls Olivia, informing her of the offensive reply Gina had left in Olivia's inbox. Olivia angrily storms out of the room. Danny continues to do research on olivias background and eventually finds out the truth, however ispoisoned by [[[Gina Fox]]] and in his last moments tells Olivia to find here real father

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