Oh don't cry little girl, (...) oh nothing much, apologize to Gina, for the way you spoke to her.
— Claudia, OLIVIA - Part 4

Claudia is a supporting character in the Olivia series and the Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO). She is Henry and Gina Fox's best friend.


Normal Claudia has an obese build and she is most likely an albino human. She has black hair tied into large pigtails. She wears a black and white striped off the shoulder crop top, and black overalls. She also dons a pair of black sneakers and white and black knee socks.

Perspective Claudia has the same build and skin tone as her normal form. Perspective Claudia is depicted as a clown. She has red hair tied into large pigtails. She wears a faded white clown costume, with three buttons attached to her torso.


Events of Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

Claudia first appears in a flashback, following Olivia and her friends back to their dorm. Claudia and her friends soon surround Olivia and threaten to cut off all of her hair if she doesn't admit she's a mental freak.

Claudia is soon seen in her dorm, hanging out with her friends. Olivia madly intrudes and turns into her perspective form. She soon kills Claudia, throwing her out of the window and her severed body parts soon begin to spew out blood.


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Claudia's perspective form's death scene.

Pity Party (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) Olivia's perspective.

Claudia's perspective form was killed by Olivia's perspective form. Olivia, while in her perspective form, uses her telekinesis powers to lift Claudia in the air and throw her through the window. Her body parts are severed from the smashed glass window, and her remains begin to continuously spew blood out.


Claudia's death scene.

OLIVIA - Part 4

Claudia was accidentally killed by Teal. Teal, who held Claudia at a knifepoint to her throat, accidentally beheaded her after Gina pushed Claudia into Teal's knife to frame Teal for murder. After Claudia was decapitated, a massive amount of blood scatters from her neck and spreads across the restroom floor.