Mary, your makeup looks amazing.

Claudette is a character who debuted in Part Of Me. She is the ally of Marius.


Claudette has an obese build with a peach skin tone. She has long, straight blonde hair accompanied a black headband. She has intense black makeup covering her face. She dons a black, sleeveless dress covered by a checkered off-the-shoulder crop top. She also dons a black knot necklace, a white belt and a pair of black boots.


Claudette is a cruel bully who is willing to obey Marius in anything. She will sabotage others by the command of Marius. Although mean to her peers, she is surprisingly sweet to Marius, who often compliments his female identity.


Claudette appears in the corridor of her school, waiting with Marius for Lucy to show up. After Lucy flees to the restroom, she, along with Marius, follow her inside. Once inside, she forcibly grabs Lucy, allowing Marius to ruin her appearance.

She only appears once more in the video, complimenting Marius before being scalded by him for being annoying. She is soon ditched by Marius when he runs to Lucy's House to attempt to murder her.