Chloe is one of the support characters from SCHOOL TRAGEDY series. She is among the five "Protagonists", others being Meatball, Bacon, Markus, and Jay.


Chloe represents what many ROBLOX newbie females wear. Her shirt is a teal shirt with short sleeves and visible Purple undershirt. She wears denim shorts with black sandals. Chloe also has black hair tied in a ponytail.

After receiving makeup from Jay, she is different; she wears light teal tank top with denim shorts, now with brown belt. Her hair is a black bob, while accompanied by a light green hat and a mint-colored bow tie. While looking like that, she wears light teal shoes.


Attention: despite being released first, we are not going from Gonna be fine. Instead, we are going by order, which means first part.

Chloe was seen for the first time sitting in open cafeteria with Meatball, when Meghan and Bethany were taking Kendall to the restrooms. She commented that Kendall looks so pretty. She appears in the end, when Kendall orders her two minions to kill Meatball. When Bacon arrives, Chloe is seen to be happy.

In the next part, Chloe notices Bacon's Staff, she did appear several times until the end of the episode, despite not speaking.

In Part 3, Chloe appears only in the end, spying on Kendall muting Megan and Bethany. She screams in fright when she was noticed by her.

In Gonna be fine, Chloe was taking the books that fell out of her locker. Kendall and her minions approached her, implying something bad will happen.

Megan and Bethany walk around Chloe in circle when chorus played, until Kendall orders them to snatch Chloe's weave. She cries after being bald, at home, she takes Koala Cap. Jay offers her makeup and makes her pretty. She started to cry when Kendall ordered her minions to kill them both, until Jay shot all three. Near the end, Chloe is seen with happy expression, and, in the end, walks out happily.She makes a cameo in Bacon adventure Part 7 getting her memory erased.


For the majority of the series, Chloe is seen to enjoy time with people who did good to their friends and/or her (in this case, Bacon reviving Meatball). She is also seen to be shy when someone wants to help her in despairing situation (Jay helping Chloe after her weave has been snatched).


  • Chloe commented Kendall looked so pretty before being changed by Megan and Bethany.
  • Doing it wrong song by Anita Blay, which has been used for Gonna be fine, surely is used to present how Chloe struggles to survive wrath of the gang (Kendall, Meghan, and Bethany) when she was left to bear them on her own after Part 3.


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