Ew that hairstyle is for noobs.
— Bully 1, Galantis No Money (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

Bully 1 is the main antagonist  in Galantis No Money. He is the leader of his gang and steals Victim Boy's money.


The Bully has Raven black hair, a Black Jacket, black belt, dark grey pants and some black shoes.


Victim Boy

Male Bully and Victim Boy seem to have poor Chemistry, after all, male bully wanted the boy's money, later he and his gang came back and wanted his money again. He Hitted the boy in the face and laughed at his pain.


The Bully and Bacon didn't really have any relation with each other, but he asks Bacon to give them his money, but Bacon Said: "hello! wanna teem?'.

Appearances Episodes

Music Videos

  • Galantis No Money (first appearance, last appearance; death)