• Torcherer153

    Ok, guys, the only thing Kavra ever does is Roblox. Don't u think he should play something else such as Minecraft? Plz lemme know as soon as possible!!!

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  • Bennylars


    November 16, 2018 by Bennylars

    so im bennylars (aka benny) so say hi!

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  • Stevenrockz

    Hello again

    July 2, 2018 by Stevenrockz

    Hello again, my friends. I decided I might come back here every now and then to edit some articles. I know I resigned from being an admin so please leave my status that way. I'm so sorry for this sudden reappearance. Please forgive me! - Steven

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  • AnNarwhal

    Running for admin.

    June 30, 2018 by AnNarwhal

    Hello i'm NickyIsTheBest123 and here are some reason's i'm running for admin.

    • I'm active on this wiki:I'm really active on this wiki because i'm a really big fan of kavra and his videos.
    • I have been on this wiki for a year:Yes it has been so long sence I joined this wiki from early 2017 so I have some experence with this wiki.
    • I have 223 edits:Yes it may be small but I fix the smallest mistakes so the wiki page's can be neat.
    • I have made some pages:I have made some pages on this wiki for example the unnamed police officer and Mason (from olivia) and the new Marius from the video Part Of Me
    • I know alot about kavra:I have watched every one of kavra's videos and back so I know alot about these characters and back so I know alot about these charact…
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  • Stevenrockz


    April 6, 2018 by Stevenrockz

    Hi friends! I have decided to resign from this wiki! I have decided to become more active on the Roblox Wikia... I will no longer need to be an admin, so my admin status can be removed from me! I may hop on this wiki now and then, but I won't be as active... once again goodbye! From Steven

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  • TWDremaker2000


    October 9, 2017 by TWDremaker2000

    What know you what? I'm done if you want me to come back I'll have no choice for that I have met so many worst users in this wiki that causing me to leave. Here are the worst users who are in the lists:

    That idiotic user is ruining the whole wiki pages also he renamed pages to bad names in the case that were the stupidest name I have ever seen in my whole life and he is pretty annoying that he called a "MR.BROKEN ENGLISH" like wtf, you also have bad English man because your kept caps locking titles with one by one. He have bad editing skills and if he don't even uses classic creator and didn't click any media he is actually HAVE bad editing skills and he even using one useless and some lazy pages who doesn't cares about.

    This stupid user dun…

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  • DashaPanda824

    Five months already!

    September 1, 2017 by DashaPanda824

    It's been five months since Kavra Wiki was created! How are you doing?

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  • NoobahofMapper

    I don't like this wikia i quit!!!

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