Yes Jack, I managed to persuade a, "friend". We break out today.
— Andre, Toxic

Andre is antagonist character in the music video "Toxic". He is a prisoner that was arrested for unknown reasons


Andre is shown to have a 1.0 "obese" build, a brown hair half dry white. He also wears a prison suit but it is unknown what is his real clothes look like.



Andre and Jack seem to be working together to escape prison, so they seem like good friends.


TOXIC - Part 1

Andre is seen in the cafeteria meeting Jack and Alex to make a plan to escape. Jack asked Andre that if there any progress to escape but Andre did managed to persuade a "friend" to the guards somehow he stole a key card from a guard while he was afk. He got in to the security room then locked the security leader and some guards inside after shooting Yick and sending the prisoners freed. It is unknown Andre also escape or not.

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  • TOXIC - Part 1