Amy is a Halloween one-part special created by Kavra on October 29th, 2016. It has been subsequently remade in appearance of If You Seek Amy music video. It focuses on a girl who has been abused by some students and subsequently turns aggressive.


A girl and the protagonist named Amy recently moved in the new town with her parents. She finds it difficult to adapt to the new environment, but seems to get better the next day... or it was just a cruel joke.

Four students, Maria, Jody, Brian and Jack saw Amy as the perfect victim, and Maria asked Brian to take her picture. He does so with her horrified expression on it. In the evening, Amy finds out her picture became a meme which was beginning of the bullying. The next day, Maria and Jody escorted her to the restroom to dunk her, which was such a gruesome thing to happen.

Halloween. Amy's parents had to leave on short due to some work stuff. Jody, Maria, Jack and Brian saw Amy in her house's window, trying to bully her furthermore by breaking in. They didn't know two things:

  1. It was the beginning of their unfortunate fate.
  2. Amy, apparently, started to turn psycho and mad all over bullying and became stoic.

Amy's effects are seen as soon as the thunder strikes and door lock themselves when she says TRICK. Few seconds later, she looks at the viewers with a vengeful gesture, turns into a demonic version of herself and disappears. The lights go out. They find out Amy is actually in the lobby and that she is frequently stabbing Jack to death, until she looks at Brian and throws her knife at him, killing him instantly.

Jody hid in Amy's room, regretting what they have done. Amy arrives and feels Jody's presence, grabbing her and escorting her to the bathroom. Amy put Jody in the position she was put through at school and strikes knife at her neck, possibly decapitating her. Maria, the last survivor of the gang, engaged in fight with Amy, but soon gets overpowered. If police haven't arrived, Maria would sure die, but Amy saves herself from arresting: she makes herself a serious wound on arm, hides knife on a safe place and, while exiting the house, she gets consoled by the officer and her mother and father, framing Maria of murder. She gets arrested, while the series end with Amy vengefully happily looking at Maria.


Character Status
Amy Alive
Amy's Parents Alive
Maria Alive
Jody Deceased
Brian Deceased
Jack Deceased
Teacher Alive
Granny Alive


  • Amy's wound described in this article had actually a darker side in the actual video - Amy actually removed her own arm.
  • Teacher in this video did nothing to prevent bullying, Kavra may have done so to make the story be more thriller-like.
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