— Amy's Father, Amy (HALLOWEEN STORY)

Amy's Father is a minor or supporting character in the Halloween Special series; AMY and the Music Video; If You Seek Amy. He is the biological father of Amy and the husband of Amy's Mother.


Amy's Father has a slightly darker skin tone than his wife and daughter, and has brown natural hair. His hair is stylized in a messy way, and he has a large beard and mustache that extends from the upper cheek all the way to the bottom of the mouth. He wears a black suit, donning a black office jacket, a white button-up shirt, a blue neck tie, black pants and a pair of black shoes.


AMY (Halloween Story)

Amy's Father is first seen driving his family to their new household in their family car. He starts complimenting the new house, to Amy's disapproval. Once the family enter their new house, he has an argument with his daughter over leaving their friends and memories behind. He soon sends Amy to her room crying.

He is seen the next day forgiving the events of yesterday and expressing how proud he is of Amy. He then drops her off at her new school and isn't seen until the next scene.

After school, he is seen sitting at the dining table with his family. When Amy walks to her room to 'sleep early', Amy's Mother notices suspicion, while Amy's Father just thinks she is behaving well.

He is last seen near the end of the episode standing outside of the house as he is reinforced with backup.

If You Seek Amy (Music Video)

He plays a more minor role in this video, as he is only seen in two scenes.

He is first scene welcoming the family to their new home, while he has a small argument with Amy and soon sends her to school.

He is last seen as a cameo as he waits outside the house with the police.



Amy's Father seems to have a close and trusting relationship, but they occasionally get into fights or arguments sometimes. Amy's Father seems proud of his daughter as they had to leave their friends and memories behind at their previous household.

Amy's Mother

Amy's Father and his wife seem to have a close bond, seeing as they work at the same company and are seen most of the time together. They occasionally have small disagreements however, but the disagreements are usually stopped by Amy's Father.


  • Amy (HALLOWEEN STORY) (first appearance)
  • BACON'S ADVENTURE - Part 7 (last appearance; cameo)

Music Videos

  • If you seek Amy