Amelia's Caf is a small, wooden cafe located in the middle of an unknown forest. It was featured in BULLY - Part 5, and hasn't made an appearance ever since.


Amelia's Caf debuted in BULLY Part - 5, and was the main setting of the episode.

The camera pans into Amelia's Caf, featuring characters Amelia, Red Dress Girl and Blue Boy. Red Dress Girl and Blue Boy sit at a small dining chair, enjoying a batch of cookies and milk. Red Dress Girl soon locks the entrance to trap Blue Boy and Amelia inside the cafe while she plans to poison Blue Boy. The two soon have an argument, but soon forgive each other and snuggle. She soon gives Blue Boy a carton of spoiled milk and a plate of poisoned cookies. Blue Boy soon dies and falls to the ground while Red Dress Girl turns insane, wrapping him in a blanket and reading him a bedtime story. She soon pulls down the signs indicating where the restrooms are, and approaches Amelia, brutally murders her and hides her body. Red dress Girl soon tries to rid of Blue Boy's corpse by flushing it down a toilet. She flees the crime scene and drives to Victim Girl's house.