Amelia is a character from the BULLY series and runs her own business called Amelia's Cafe. She plays a minor role in the series, only serving as a cameo in one episode.


Amelia has short pink hair that only extends to the shoulders. She wears a white t-shirt with a black heart printed onto the t-shirt. She also wears black shorts and a pair of black sneakers.


Amelia is only ever seen in BULLY - Part 5, serving as a cameo in the episode. She is seen attending the front counter as a cashier. She is one of the witnesses of the crime the following afternoon as she noticed from the corner of her eye Blue Boy being poisoned.

She is later seen crouched up in a ball in a corner, crying out of fear. Red Dress Girl soon breaks the small metal trapdoor leading to the area Amelia was hiding, and a knife is soon thrown at her throat by Red Dress Girl.


Red Dress Girl

Amelia never showed any relationship or bond between the two, but she is scared and frightened of Red Dress Girl after she poisoned Blue Boy. Their relationship ended when Red Dress Girl brutally murdered her and covered the crime scene in her own establishment.

Blue Boy

Amelia and Blue Boy didn't have a relationship yet, thus being complete strangers. She was, however shocked when she witnessed Blue Boy get poisoned by Red Dress Girl, and was soon in tears after the current event.



Amelia's death scene.

Amelia died due to a massive blood loss that was caused by a knife that was thrown at her throat. She was brutally murdered by Red Dress Girl due to the fact she was a witness of Blue Boy's death. Her corpse soon turns pale as her blood leaked out of her body.