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This page is about the character from Criminal. If you were looking for a character of the same name from the same series, see Alex (male).
Jack, now that we're finally leaving, why don't we get married?
— Alex, TOXIC

Alex is one of the central characters of the Criminal music video. She is the daughter of Alex's Mother and the girlfriend of Jack.


Alex had a mother and her father died when she was little because of Criminals. At some point, she fell in love with Jack and the two began dating. The mom held a grudge against Jack due to him being a criminal. This led to the mum attempting to poison him, and forces her daughter to watch. Alex then takes over her mom and fatally stabs her. Both her and Jack express their love for one another, though are mocked by other people. In a pit of fury, Jack kills the two mockers. Unfortunately for the lovers, the police come and they are sent to prison. She spends time with Jack. During dinner, one of Jacks friends comes up with an escape plan. Before this, she is about to propose to Jack, though Eliza casts a spell. As she turns to ask him, she finds that’s Jack’s gone. He then enters another cell. She then follows Jack and she comes to find that he’s under a spell due to Eliza and watches the two males in the cell. Eliza persuade some her to murder her lover, wich she does. Shocked, Eliza explains she need a broken heart for an almighty spell and she then furiously tears out Alex (female’s) heart out of her chest. She’s dies immediately.


Her death hasn't been avenged yet, though Eliza is visiting girls in the same situation as her and performing same acts to them. Her heart has started Eliza’s spell. Alex male, despit his grudge against Alex female, is still shocked at what has happened, though barely, if not at all,laments her.


Alex has an obese build with a slightly tan skin tone. She has blonde hair that is tied into pigtails with two pink hair ties. She wears a black hoodie with white drawstrings and a pair of blue denim jeans. She also dons a pair of black sneakers.



Alex and Jack have been dating for an unknown period of time before the events of the Criminal music video. Alex will obey Jack to a great extent, going such lengths as to kill her mother and an unnamed stranger. She will forgive Jack if he ever did something bad to her and she will trust him deeply in whatever he does.

Alex's Mother

Alex has issues with her mother after she attempted to force Alex to break up with Jack.

Appearances Episodes

Music Videos

  • Criminal (MUSIC VIDEO) (first appearance; no lines)
  • Toxic (MUSIC VIDEO) (last appearance; death)