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• 2/5/2019

Anyone please make the "Imprisonment Capsule" page please!

Can anyone please make the "Imprisonment Capsule" page? Or shall I do it by myself? In Bacon's page it was nowhere to be found.

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• 1/22/2018

Olivia has officially ended.

Part 7 (the final part) has recently came out. The List Of Deaths have changed (due to the fact Mason is confirmed alive) and Ben was stabbed by Gina.

Welp, I guess we will just wait for the next series. This series was fun, but there were a lot of deaths. I want a sequel where everyone comes back to life (that would have been cool.) but it probably won't happen.
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• 1/17/2018


Hey Kavra wiki, I'm just posting this to tell you that I'm on vacation, and that I will be inactive for the next 3 weeks.
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• 1/7/2018

Olivia Part 6 Update: About Mason.

About Mason, we don't know if he is alive because it's just an article, not all of them are true. So we'll just have to wait till Part 7, Mason's death will remain until Part 7 if it confirms if he is alive, his death will be removed. Thank you for reading.
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• 11/5/2017

Another irrelevant article created by Hollywill100...

Anakin I request you delete the "Kavra wiki rules" article please as not only is it irrelevant but it also contains curse words.
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• 11/3/2017

Can I Make The Unnamed Cop?

Can I Make The Unnamed Cop In The Bully Series?
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• 10/29/2017

Character's actual species!

I finally changed all of the characters in this wiki to their actual intended species!
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• 10/29/2017

Fanmade Drawings.

Can we please change the photos from fanmade drawings to the official photos (for example in the speech mirror article, the immortality necklace article, the bully series article etc)
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• 10/8/2017


Hello there, I'm Anakin! The actual owner of this wiki. I really didn't expect people to add that much pages to the wiki. And if you're asking if Hollywill100 is the "owner" NO! She isn't. She didn't ask me to be an owner AT ALL. So if she commands you to do something, DON'T DO IT, because she's not the owner. Thank you for reading this
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• 10/5/2017

The big chang and adding day

This day is on 8/10/17 becuz the character list the unknow characters must be alive and plase dont grammer me becuz i hate it add bacons adventure and other things like a quiz or video pages and please domnt miss out the work if you do your fired please come.
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• 9/10/2017

I'm the owner

hello why is nobody adding stuff pages for exsample a gun so I disided to be the owner of this wiki I don't got grammer
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• 8/19/2017

need more pages

we need more pages becuz we do thers lots of character and videos
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• 7/12/2017

i wanna see a leo page

i dont want to see jiggle what happened to him
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